Mask use & care

Jack of the Dust Silicone Mask Use and Care Instructions

Click this link to see the video tutorial: How to safely wear your silicone mask

Before Use:
Before the mask is put on, a few steps should be taken to properly care for the mask to help keep it in pristine condition.

  • Be sure to remove any facial piercing as these may tear or damage the mask.
  • Remove any rings, watches or jewelry that may damage the silicone.
  • Make sure you finger nails are trimmed and smooth.
  • Regularly Powdering the inside of the mask down with Talcum powder (baby powder) will help the mask slide straight onto your head.
  • When the mask is on your head make sure you don’t tug the eye ,mouth, noes or ear holes to adjust the fit, use flat hands from the outside of the mask to adjust the fit to suit.



Removing mask from bust:

standing behind the mask lift up the front bib and slide your hand under the chin (staying away from the mouth hole) with four fingers gently pull the mask forward and up towards to back of the mask.



Insert hand up through the mask palm facing outwards, hand as high as possible. Keep hand flat, as gripping onto dynamesh in the nose or areas near may cause a tear.
Lightly pull mask away from bust, then begin lifting both sides of mask past the ears of the bust with your free hand. Switch between left and right side gently rocking and pull the sides of the mask up.


Putting on the mask:

Point the forehead of the mask towards the ground and place both of your hands inside the mask, palms facing inwards; this will cause the chest and back pieces of the mask to be inside out and make application easier. Gently begin stretching mask by moving your hands apart to allow for opening to become larger. Place the back of the mask onto the back of your head and slowly begin bringing mask down, shimmying the mask back and forth until your forehead begins to enter the mask. At this point, remove hands and pull the mask over your face.
Once the mask is on use the palm of your hand to move the mask into the correct position, aligning the eye and ear holes as well as the jaw.


Removing the mask:

Tilt head towards the ground and place hands inside the base of the jaw, once again with palms inwards.
Begin to slowly lift up mask, shimmying it forwards and backwards until the mask is removed.


Cleaning and Care:
To clean the mask, rub down inside with a damp micro fibre cloth that has been dipped into warm soapy water. Pat down with a clean towel to dry. Once the mask is fully dried, powder the inside of the mask once again with Talcum powder then brush away excess.



We recommend storing the mask on the bust provided. To place mask onto bust apply same technique as you would putting on the mask yourself, starting at the back of the bust and slowly shimmy with down. Once the mask is on the bust, reposition the mask to sit the jaw onto the mouth and have both eyes of the bust visible through the masks eyeholes.


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