Storm Trooper skull

$399.00 USD

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  • Each skull will be signed and numbered.
  • Handcrafted in Australia.
  • Traditionally sculpted by hand.
  • Because each skull is handmade it may vary from the one pictured. While I try to minimize the variants from piece to piece, it is a natural part of the handmade process, no two skulls will ever be the same.
  • This is a piece of fan art and has no affiliation with Disney or Star Wars 



SFX grade Liquid urethane casting Resin.

ok but whats that? The way i create my artwork is the exact same way that movie props are made! First a sculpture is hand sculpted and molded (the old school way) and from that we create a strong durable cast that can stand the test of time.



We like to keep the weight close to a real human skull or a touch heavier. the average weight of a real skull is 700grams without the mandible (jaw) or 900grams with.

depth: 20cm 
width: 13cm 
height: 16cm



  • FREE express shipping worldwide
  • Delivery between 6 - 8 business days.