The Blue Ringed Octoskull Raffle

$20.00 USD


  • Only 150 tickets will be released per raffle.
  • This Raffle is for the Octoskull shown in the images which is worth over $3000USD
  • Maximum of 10 tickets per person.
  • In order of ticket sales you will receive a number from 1 to 150 ( EXAMPLE first ticket sale is #1 second is #2 and so on ) 
  • A spreadsheet of all the names and numbers will be posted onto instagram and facebook as soon as the tickets sell out  for everyone to check their numbers.
  • The winner will be drawn 30 minutes after the spreadsheet is released on social media.
  • the winner will be chosen at random using the true random number generator, process will be filmed and posted onto instagram and facebook.
  • spread sheet announcing the winner will only stay on on social media for 12 hours.



  • The Octoskull is the podium piece for Jack of the dust and has been in the works for over 3 years. It embodies all the hard work and effort that Andy has put into his Craft from sculpting to molding to painting, this piece has pushed the limits in every aspect.
  • The Octoskull is valued at $3199USD
  • Master sculpture was Hand sculpted by Andrew Firth - professionally known as Jack Of The Dust
  • Cast in specialised taxidermy resin imported from the USA
  • Handcrafted in Australia.
  • Completely handmade.


width: 18.1Inches
height: 7.5Inches
depth: 20.5Inches



  • Ships out on the November 1st, Delivery between 6 - 8 business days for the winner.
  • FREE express shipping worldwide